Thursday, 10 March 2011

Review: Drive angry - a blast!

Sometimes i cannot understand people. They are giving this film so much bullshit. Why? I am hearing it has Nicolas Cage. So what? So what if he has made some questionable or terrible and even odd choices in his acting career. The man certainly can act and he can deliver the goods as an action hero. Remember "the rock"? What about "Con air"? Or "Face off"? Anyways, "Drive angry" definitely is not on the level of the previous mentioned actioners but it is one word: entertaining! It's a blast from start to finish. Quite often the audience dismisses a film due to its stupid title and concept. May i suggest that numerous other movies contain horrible dialogue and script and even if they are not lacking those, they centairly include a outrageous promise: should i mention some of Tarantino's and Rodriguez's works? does the name John Woo ring a bell? 
My main point is never judge a book from its cover. In our case a film from its premise. Yes, its stupid. Yes Nicolas Cage has again a bad wig. Yes, the story is supposed to be there but it disappears in the first few minutes. So what? Plenty of action sequence will keep the adrenaline freak happy, there is tones of nudity, an kinda-explicit sex scene taking place in heavy slo-mo action, Amber Heard's presence (believe it or not it's good to see a gorgeous creature like with a balance in terms of acting and eye candy instead of pretending the plant of each frame), Nicolas Cage's one lines and WILLIAM FICHTNER as the "accountant".
Now despite my love for CAge, this is Fichtner's show. He is practically stealing every scene as the supernatural dude who just arrived in earth from hell to drag Nic back. He is funny, has perfect timing and a real menace as well. A well known supporting actor, people will recognise him from his psychotic protrayal of an FBI agent in "Prison break" season 2. Please can we have a film about him? Please!
To conclude with my review "Drive angry" is everything you expect it to be. Loud, stupid, ridiculous, exciting while offering numerous eye candy and plenty of gore. 3D works well although you know i am against it anyways. It is an enjoyable ride with a number of flaws but there is no point of pointing them out in a film like this. Enjoy!

+ WILLIAM FICHTNER, one liners, boobs, action, Amber heard,outrageous promise, great soundtrack too! 
- (I am not going to mention them)


P.S ok if i want to be picky there are not as many as chase scenes as you would expect in a film called "Drive Angry" :)